Deep Root Fertilization








Ferta-Lawn specializes in tree nutrition. With today’s technology, we can feed and protect perennials, shrubs and trees from harmful insects for an entire season with one treatment. We inject the products 8″ – 12″ into the soil, past grass roots. The following are our “Deep Root” services:

  • Tree and Shrub Fertilization: This long-lasting fertilizer feeds the plants for an entire growth season. This treatment provides the necessary nutrients, an organic fertilizer, soil-wetting agents and beneficial fungi that aide in nutrient uptake.
  • Systemic Insecticide: This treatment will protect trees from aphids, leaf miners and other harmful pests for the growing season. This is ideal for tall trees that sprays can’t reach or areas that may be sensitive to spraying. This is, however, not recommended  for fruit-bearing trees.

Combine the above two treatments to save money. For best results, springtime is the optimum time for Deep Root injections.



Call Ferta-Lawn at 801-295-3057 if you’d like to sign up for these services.


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