Weedless Wednesday: Crabgrass

Crabgrass is one of the most common weeds in our lawns. A cousin to corn, this grassy weed grows quickly and can take over if left untreated. It is a low-growing, summer annual that spreads by seed and from rootings of nodes that lie on the soil. In summer, with the warm days, it can grow out of control and can even choke out your lawn. In late summer, crabgrass produces thousands of seeds, which fosters growth the next year. Keep in mind, prevention is the key.

Early in spring, apply a pre-emergent to your lawn. This prevents crabgrass from becoming established.

Also, be careful when you edge your lawn. By edging too close, we give the grassy weeds a perfect area to grow. This is why it is seen in edges and parking strips most often. Additionally, keep your lawn cut at 2 to 3 inches high after the first mowing of the year.

If you follow the above steps, crabgrass will not return the following year.

If you have specific questions about crabgrass or any other weed, please email us.


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