Getting your garden in order

With winter now behind us, and spring-like weather slowly showing its face, it is now time to start your gardens. Even with temperatures fluctuating, there are several vegetable varieties available to plant during this time of the year. With so many vegetable varieties out there, there are a lot of questions about planting a good garden. The following post will give a better understanding of the available varieties of vegetables to plant. Much of this post has been adapted from the agriculture department from Utah State University.

Planning is the first step to planting a garden. Several factors, including location, soil fertility, water accessibility, enough light and family need are all essential to your overall plan.

Consider these points about the vegetables you grow:

  • Know what to plant
  • Know when to plant
  • Know when to harvest
  • Be ready to replant

To maximize garden space, sketch out the area, selecting vegetables you want to plant. Make sure you know when the vegetable varieties you’ve selected can be planted to ensure available space. Consider the shading effect of tall plants on small plants. Also, remember, some plants take up a lot of space but do not yield a large crop.

If small space is a concern, consider using trellises, stakes or fences to grow more in a small area.

Variety Selection

Do not be afraid to test different varieties of vegetables. You’ll never know what you like if you don’t try it. You can test a new variety next to one that you are familiar with growing. For specific details about a select variety, consult seed catalogs, gardening books, magazines or your local nursery. Garden centers and nursery’s will often sell seeds that are more suited for your area.

The following is a Vegetable Planting Chart from Utah State University. We hope you enjoy your fresh garden this year.

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