Crabapple Trees

With spring in full bloom, flowers, trees and the garden are starting to blossom, with many beautiful colors popping before our eyes. It is a nice change from the snow and freezing temperatures we’ve all endured.

This week we’d like to talk about a beautiful tree that has already started to blossom: the crabapple tree. The crabapple tree is similar to an apple tree, but has several different characteristics, including fruit size, leaf color, growth habit, flowering time and flower color. Because crabapple trees are fairly tolerant to drought conditions and are low maintenance, they make for great trees to plant in Utah.

Crabapple trees are generally a good sign that spring has arrived, with blossoms appearing usually in April, but may be delayed until May, depending on weather conditions. The blossom of a crabapple tree is usually a beautiful pink or white, but are occasionally red or purple.

The fruit from a crabapple tree is 2 inches in diameter or less, which differs from an apple, which is greater than 2 inches in diameter. The color of the fruit varies, but is most often red, yellow, orange or green. Depending on the variety of crabapple tree, however, the fruit can often be a nuisance when it drops to the lawn. For a crabapple tree that yields no fruit, look to plant a flowering crabapple tree.

For more information about the characteristics of a crabapple tree, click HERE to read a fact sheet released by Utah State University. Check out Colorado State University’s fact sheet for additional information.

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