Weedless Wednesday: Oxalis

One of the most difficult weeds to control is oxalis. This little “red clover” with a yellow flower loves the lawn and garden, particularly when the temperatures are hot. It is one of the most aggressive and persistent weeds that plagues homeowners. And unless you’re diligent in trying to eliminate this weed, it will continue to overrun your lawn.

Oxalis is hard to control because it spreads through seeds, bulblettes, and roots. Often, it takes more than an entire season to control oxalis, with regular treatments necessary. Simply pulling up this weed from the lawn will not do the trick; oxalis will grow back and you’ll have the same problem. However, a strong weed killer will help eliminate this pesky weed.

To learn more about how to eliminate this persistent weed from your lawn, contact Ferta-Lawn to speak with a lawn technician.


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