Roses are believed to be one of the oldest cultivated plants one earth. With roses, it’s all about the blooms. Few plants are as showy all year as the rose is, coming in several shapes and colors. As beautiful as roses are, there are several pest problems you might experience. This article will describe some of the pests and how to rid your roses of them.

Aphids are probably one of the biggest problems associated to roses. However, there are many products available to treat aphids. One of the best solutions is a systemic product. This will control aphids longer than a contact pesticide, which can’t control aphids all season long.

The rose stem borer is another problem pest. This is a nasty critter. Its job is to kill roses by feeding inside and on the stem. If you find a hole in the stem and suspect a borer, cut off the stem below it and see if there is any damage. If so, trim until you get to a healthy part. Also, make sure to throw the damaged stem away and don’t use it as mulch.

Spider mites can be treated with miticides or you can deter them with a good blast of water daily.

Another handy tip for roses is to apply a drop of glue (Elmer’s Glue is best) to the tip of the stem after you prune.


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