Best flowers that bloom in spring

One of the best things about spring is the beautiful flowers that bloom. Often these common flowers can transform a generic yard into a professional-looking landscape. While there are many varieties of flowers you could plant, the following are just some of our favorites. You can certainly find other spring flowers to get your landscape looking great, but this is just a jumping point.


Tulips are some of the easiest flowers to plant, with different varieties blooming in early, middle and late spring. For best results, plant the bulbs the prior fall to give them the necessary time and cool weather to blossom in the spring. However, if you forgot to plant the bulbs in the fall, you can refrigerate bulbs in a brown paper bag and then put them in the produce section of the refrigerator. The bulbs should never be frozen but should be chilled no lower than 32 degrees and no higher than 50 degrees.


Pansies are some of the hardiest annual flowers out there. They can often withstand winter conditions if cared for properly and make a great spring flower. To get the best results, plant seeds in the late winter for early spring and summer flowering. You can also plant seeds in the summer for winter flowering if you so desire.


Violas are smaller versions of pansies and can be another way to beautify your landscape. As with pansies, to get the best results plant seeds in the late winter for early spring and summer flowering.


The Primrose flower is a beautiful spring flower that enjoys being in the full sun. But in areas where the temperature is a little hotter, the primrose needs partial shade. This flower typically blooms in April, but can often be one of the first flowers to appear in spring.

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